The Plastics Circle Team

Trish, Ben, Murray and Gillian - with a sum of professional experience of more than a century; a quarter of which dedicated to circular economy. Together they are Explorers, Advisors, Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Practitioners - and your partners in plastic circular economy.  

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Trish Hyde

Experienced CEO,   Sustainability Think-tank Leader,  Circular Economy Global Advisor and Speaker; Plasticity Director; Qualified in Marketing, Law, CSR, Education & Management. Trish has the determination and lateral thinking needed to achieve big vision. 

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Ben Reay 

Chief Innovation Officer

Scientist and Sustainability Practitioner, Innovation Lead Driving Australia’s Packaging Sustainability and EU Carbon Reporting Entrepreneur. Qualified in Environmental Science, Engineering & Technology. Rigour for accuracy & precision, with practical knowledge for effective delivery

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Murray Hyde

Chief Operating Officer

Global product and packaging experience, including marketing, business development, procurement, and supply chain; Program Director (content and networks) Plasticity; Qualified in Management and Leadership. People and business relationship skills to win minds and wallet-share.

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Gillian Hyde

Chief Creative Officer

Communications, delivery and performance expertise for Custom projects, Client programs, CX, and the all important Customer - all the Cs that make a sustainable business. Qualified in Management and Operations. Gillian mixes art and science to bring everything to life. 

Your Partner in Plastics Circular Economy
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