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A Scientist, a CEO, a Strategic Manager and an Entrepreneur walk into a bar…

What happens next is life changing.

Politely declining the offered straws, they find themselves in animated conversation about the paradox of plastic: its versatility and indispensability versus the horrific impacts of its unmanaged waste.

Warming to their theme, they discuss the plastic Circular Economy – and the market failures that continue to impede it.

In heated agreement, they cite poor design that makes recovery unviable; and uncertain collection practices that make recovered plastic so difficult for brands to access.

If only there was a way to help business understand - and so manage - the impacts of their packaging decisions.

If only there was a way to get plastic out of the environment and back into circulation.

The entrepreneur stands up: 'Hang on - I've got an idea...'

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Welcome to
The Plastics Circle

We help businesses achieve their plastic impact reduction commitments -

turning the pain of compliance into real competitive advantage. 

We have knowledge, passion, practical experience, and a grand vision:

A world where the use of plastic causes no harm.

Meet the founders   

Trish, Ben, Murray and Gillian.

A sum of professional experience of more than a century -

one quarter of which has been dedicated to circular economy.

Collectively, we are Scientists, Advisors, Collaborators, Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Innovators.

And your perfect partners in plastic circular economy.

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Trish Hyde
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Ben Reay

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Murray Hyde

Chief Commercial Officer

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Gillian Hyde

Chief Operating Officer

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