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the plastic usage

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Turning compliance headaches into your Competitive Edge

PUMP returns a Plastic Impact Measure
The Plastic Impact Measure (PIM) is a single metric: one simple number to understand, compare and communicate a product's impact.


Access the PUMP Portal
Gather your plastic usage data for your product or packaging, and answer the questions in the online survey.

PUMP gets to work
PUMP overlays globally-sourced data for comparative analysis then applies the unique PUMP algorithm.

The desired plastic impact of any product or packaging should be low.  A low score indicates that positive work has been done from design through to end-of-life. A high score may be influenced by one or two factors that – with analysis and strategy – might be changed to deliver a better outcome. With sustainability and plastics firmly in the eyeline of boards and senior managers, PUMP delivers insights and possible mitigation strategies for plastic use.

PUMP delivers a simple set of metrics  plus detailed analysis with insights

  • Simple to understand

  • Comprehensive

  • Insightful

  • Strategically useful


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