WHAT'S THIS?? she said...

I put my hands up. OK you got me! I've put 2 clamshells of baby heirloom tomatoes in the fridge...

Guilty as charged.

As a founder of a plastic Circular Economy startup, I'm torn. Not only are my tomatoes not squashed, but I KNOW they’re not squashed, because I can see them. Those PET clamshells are pretty damn useful! Not only that, they’re completely recyclable.

But the look on her face confirms a nagging doubt: in reality, these little suckers are unlikely to be recycled at all.

This problem truly is global too. Visit Hong Kong, eat at a food hall and you'll see how ubiquitous the plastic clamshell really is. We saw it first-hand as part of a project there. PET clamshells were just being dumped and not recycled. PlastX was asked to participate to see if we could actually close the gap between recycling and not.

Sadly, we failed. An unusual admission in this forum, but learning from failure is part of the entrepreneur's journey. The will by us and the client was strong however bureaucracy, money and international border treaties beat us. This time. And we walked away smarter.

The folks at National Geographic have this great article explaining the clamshell issue. Here it is.


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