November 2020

PlastX trials underway in Northern India!

The city of Noida in Uttar Pradesh has been selected as the location for the PlastX trial program.

With in-country partner, Solidaridad, overseeing operations, registered PlastX collectors - like Raja - have been collecting specific waste plastics to order, using the PlastX app. In his first week, Raja received 46% more for his plastic than he would have by trading it through his usual channels.

Collection 3.jpeg
Tablet training 1.jpg

PlastX Collectors are fully briefed and provided with PPE.

For the trial program, our Collectors have been gifted a smart tablet for identification purposes, and to assist them track their collections and payments.

Kamla delivers her collected plastic to the local hub, where it will be checked and weighed.

When the hub has completed their Quality Assurance checks, Kamla is paid. She likes knowing in advance what the rate will be, and not having to haggle with scrap dealers to get a fair price for her plastic.


In the first week of the trial program, hub coordinator Rofikkul, checked and approved 340 kilos of PET. Imagine how busy he'll be when the team gets up to speed!

The PlastX field trial has been made possible with expert assistance from global sustainable commodities network -

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