responsible. traceable.
verifiable. authentic.

all at market pricing.


the new app-marketplace delivering quality PCR-plastics at market pricing in infrastructure-poor areas  

audacious startup disrupting the way we think about waste plastic

For Business:

Conscious Plastic™

in one click

For Everyone:

Collect and earn

The Problem we Solve: Businesses want to use recovered plastic but it needs to be the right type, in the right condition, colour and quantity, and at competitive prices - in Asia, where infrastructure is poor, getting quality plastic and knowing it is responsibly sourced is problematic.

The Solution: PlastX - a trading app connecting buyers and sellers for a plastic circular economy. 

For brands and their suppliers, the PlastX app lets them source the recovered plastic they need (by type, colour, condition and location) at market rates,
and with a conscience (traceability and authenticity). 

For the community of registered collectors (cafe owners to uni students) PlastX is a way to earn extra cash.  

While everyone gets something they value, collectively we are helping save the planet from plastic overload. 

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