the plastic imperative

turn compliance pain into consumer delight

the imperative... to achieve compliance AND sales targets

The Plastics Circle helps you

overcome the barriers -

transforming your compliance pain to consumer delight.



plastic impact INSIGHTS

for compliance and consumer delight

You've pledged to reduce your business's plastic footprint. Now what?

Measure to manage.

PUMP is an easy-to-use plastic impact measurement system that allows you to assess, understand and manage the FULL impact of your plastic packaging. 

Data goes in, Intel comes out. Delightful.


turn plastic packaging compliance into consumer delight

PCR-plastic is scarce in Asia, but meeting your targets

is an imperative.

PlastX is the new tech-enabled supply chain platform bridging the pcr plastic supply gap in Asia.

Reliable, secure, traceable,ethical.


Air bridge-AdobeStock_76354806.jpeg

from PAIN

80% of Businesses

lack metrics to understand and manage their plastic impacts


is the new normal for plastic packaging


shortfall for PCR plastic in Asia - and a risky supply chain


Measure and Manage

your plastic impact for a compelling Brand Story

to engage your stakeholders and Delight your Customers

16% productivity lift (average) 

when Businesses adopt environmental standards

86% of consumers

buy from purpose-driven Brands.

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